The Question of the Hour: Can Cannabis Cure Cancer

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? It is one of the questions that everyone is asking. Right from the medical fraternity to cancer patients and even some researchers are debating on this topic. While some agree with the fact, on the other hand some people completely deny it. Well, a huge number of clinical trials have been conducted, in order to find out if cannabis could offer an effective treatment for cancer. The result of the trials is very surprising. It showed that cannabis has the capacity to cure cancer. In fact, high quality research has been carried out on one of the important components of cannabis, i.e. cannabinoids. The result showed that cannabinoids like CBD or THC is solely responsible for killing the cancer cells within the body through a process of apoptosis. Hence, one can easily opt for cannabis oil or CBD oil while treating their cancer. Cannabis Oil Before, one gets to learn can cannabis cure cancer, one needs to have a clear idea about cannabis oil. The oil is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant though the process of solvent extraction. Important components like cannabinoids gets soaked in the solvent and it is then evaporated to get a volatile solution. The oil that is obtained contains high amount of CBD and THC in them. Usually, the cannabidolic acid (CBDA) hinders the movement of cancer cell. This is because CBD being a non-psychotropic factor of cannabis makes use of anti-proliferative factor while working on the cancer cells. It inhibits its growth or its ability to multiply. In short, it can be said that cannabinoids CBD has the ability to cut off DNA which causes cancer cells to penetrate inside organs or tissues. Hence, answering questions like ‘Can Cannabis Cure Cancer’ becomes easy as cannabis oil contains pro-apoptotic, anti-invasive, and anti-migratory properties. These properties prevent cancer cells to spread and when it doesn’t get its required energy it dies. How Cannabis Cure Cancer? The cannabis oil that is obtained from the plant is able to cure cancer. Apart from treating cancer, the oil is also capable to provide relief from distressing situations that is associated with cancer. For example, it can get rid of inflammation caused because of chemotherapy. Many research have also pointed out that cannabis an actually cause the death of tumors cells without affecting the healthy cells. Sounds interesting to learn that Can Cannabis Cure Cancer is getting positive results! It works like that ECS is composed of CB1 and CB2 cancer receptor cells. As soon THC activates the cancer receptor cells it increases the ceramide level. Increase in the ceramide level cause death of cancer cell. Basically, the genotic stress created on the nucleus of cancer cells lead to the pushing out cytochrome C. On the other hand, protein p53 is produced that distorts the calcium metabolism of mitochondria. Hence, the pathway of cell’s energy gets disturbed and broken. This brings on the death of cancer cells. If your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t need to feel disheartened. One can easily treat cancer with chemotherapy and surgeries, but one can also opt for natural treatment procedures like cannabis oil. Hopefully, after going through the aforementioned facts, one won’t have further doubts on ‘Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?’

How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect the Body?

Alcohol addiction among youths and adults has become a serious issue all over the world. According to a study published by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it has been observed that alcoholism as one of the leading cause of preventable death. Here one thing which must be kept in mind is that alcohol is a highly addictive substance and not everyone who consumes alcohol is addicted. Only some people become susceptible to addiction. Addiction to alcohol can greatly affect the body. Right from the moment a person takes first sip of alcohol, it starts to affect the body. Alcohol treatment centres points out that a glass of alcohol in a day can affect the overall health of a person in a less harmful way. However, if the drinking habit grows gradually and one can’t stop from drinking alcohol then it can prove to be very fatal. If one wants to know how alcohol can affect the body, one needs to go through rest of the blog.   Ways through Which Alcohol Addiction Can Affect a Person Alcohol treatment centres states that when a person sips alcohol they might notice a burning sensation as it goes down the esophagus. The burning sensation is capable of killing living tissues. Also, prolonged use of alcohol can develop the risk of cancer. In fact, it can be said that alcohol abuse can have both short term and long-term effects.   Short & Long Term Effects The short term effects can differ from one person to another depending on their body weight and if they consume alcohol on empty stomach. Apart from reduced inhibition, a person consuming alcohol may experience: Drowsiness Sleep Disruption It affects the CNS which can be seen in the form of slurred speech. Low Body Temperature On the other hand, long term effects of alcohol addict according to alcohol treatment centres are mentioned below. They are: Loss of bowel control Blackouts Temporary loss of consciousness Coma and even death   Brain: Alcohol intercedes in the communication pathway of the brain and affects the way it works. Thus, it can lead to change in mood and loss of proper coordination. Heart: The heart can get damaged if one drinks too much of alcohol. It can lead to Arrhythmias and Stroke. Liver: Medical professionals of alcohol treatment centres state that heavy drinking can take a huge toll on the liver. Usually, it leads to various liver problems like Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, Alcoholic Hepatitis, and more. Immune System: The immune system of an alcohol addict becomes very weak. Hence, their body becomes the easy target for various diseases. Digestive System: Alcohol treatment centres feel that drinking too much of alcohol can lead to unusual arousal of digestive enzymes. Building up of these enzymes can lead to pancreatitis which is basically inflammation. Chronic alcohol abuse can affect the body in a great way. In order to avoid such health issues, one should try to treat their addiction. Treating addiction can help an alcohol addict to fully recover and lead a sober life.