Men of Hope is a non-profit organization, working directly with Agencies throughout Canada to assist in organizing charitable events – with all funds being used to continue their work surrounding Childhood Victimization.

Men of Hope would like to acknowledge the sponsorship and support of the following service groups / commercial entities etc.,  who have assisted in ongoing funding this website and other general costs relating to our organization, so that we may continue advocating for survivors of Childhood Victimization.

At this time, we are seeking your assistance in setup funding for Men of Hope’s nationwide effort which will assist us in reaching out to individuals both locally and nationwide.   Currently, we are in need of sponsors and funding for:

  1. Building & Maintaining the Men of Hope website, which will require funds for software and required fees for maintaining the menofhope.ca URL ownership.
  2. Awareness campaigns relating to Men of Hope and other related campaigns such as Sexual Assault awareness month in May 2013.
  3. Costs of establishing Men of Hope as  a registered non-profit / charity.
  4. Creation of a local Peer-to-Peer support group for male survivors of sexual abuse.
  5. Future projects relating to support for groups and individuals in the area of Childhood Victimization.

If you would like to assist us with funding or sponsorship, please CONTACT US directly, or
Send an email to our website (using the comment form below), which will be forwarded appropriately.
Thank you.

One thought on “Sponsorship

  1. 388I must tell you how much I loved this part! I find it so hard to believe peploe would have a problem with reading in. I think your spoke honestly and truthfully. Growing up we had a lot of suffering in my family and when I would ask why the Creator would want me to have in, I was meet with an answer that truly shapes what I do with my life. My family always told me I was meant to learn from it because later in my life I would need what I learn to help others and to be the person I needed to be. Did it make the pain any less hurtfully or hard to get through? No but it did make me believe and have faith that I was meant for much much more then what I was going through and I had to get through it to move forward. For me everyday is the chance to teach and grow, and you never know who you meet in your life that needs your story and the strength you received from it to keep going21

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